Field Devices

Messung Building Automation & Controls - Field Devices


Designed to satisfy interior designers, architects, building occupants, and consulting engineers alike, our occupant interfaces and room sensors offer a broad array of models suitable for a wide range of environments and applications.


Air velocity sensors output the actual speed of airflow to the building automation system. This allows the BAS to monitor and control the amount of air flowing through the ventilation system.

CS - Current Sensing

Current sensors are essential components of all building and energy management systems. Our family of solid and split-core current sensors offer all the features needed for any application.


Dampers are the control points for regulating the flow of air in a ventilation system. Our spring and non-spring return series of actuators can control small terminal unit dampers up to large intake air dampers.


Fluid sensing devices are used to ensure proper flow in piping systems, monitor liquid levels and warn the system of leaks, amongst other functions.

GS - Gas Sensing

Gas sensing devices are vital to the wellbeing of building occupants. Our portfolio of gas sensors can detect carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

HS - Humidity Sensing

Humidity sensing devices help maintain a comfortable environment for building occupants and safe conditions for equipment where moisture can cause damage.

LS - Light Sensing

Switches, motion sensors and light level sensors are the key components of any lighting control system. Our lighting control devices help build an advanced lighting and daylighting control system.

NC - Network Connectivity

Network connectivity devices maintain proper communication between controllers in a BAS. Our product range consists of adapters, routers, repeaters, switches and devices for connecting BACnet networks.

PS - Pressure Sensing

Maintaining correct pressure in a control system is extremely important for proper system function, equipment protection and can be critical in clean room applications. Our range can measure air, liquid, static and differential pressures within all common ranges and units.

RE - Relays

Relays are a standard component in all control systems. We have a complete line of pilot, power, and specialty relays in a variety of form factors.

TS - Temperature Sensing

Temperature sensors are fundamental to any BAS where occupant comfort is paramount. Our range is used for air, liquid and solid surfaces and are available with a variety of temperature sensor types, enclosures and form factors.

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